Our Process - Macquarie Weight Loss and Surgical Services

Our Process

Doctor with patient

Consultation & Assessment


  • Attend patient information evening or gather information from Macquarie Weight Loss and Surgical Services (MWS) site
  • Contact MWS to make an appointment by calling (02) 5820 0333 to meet Dr Chandika Liyanage. Please get your General Practitioner to do a referral addressed to 9 Elsworth St, Dubbo NSW. Fax: (02) 9170 6506, Phone (02) 5820 0333
  • Dr Liyanage is the program director of MWS and he will discuss with you the current situation, the objectives of surgery and predictable weightless gaols to achieve . He will give you a request form for blood investigations and other investigations as required.
  • Multidisciplinary assessment with dietitian, psychologist and consultant anaesthetist. Respiratory, endocrine and Pulmonary physician consults as indicated
  • Discuss about costs, confirm insurance will cover the procedure(usual wait time for private health cover is one year) . Where needed information and submission of forms for Early access of Superannuation.
  • Final assessment with Dr Liyanage with recommendation from Dietitan and Psychologist . Sign contest and discuss date for surgery. You will be expected to pay the GAP fee for assistant, anaesthetist and program fee. This will need to be paid 2 weeks prior to Surgery
  • The team will keep your GP informed via correspondence of all the plans and he or she will follow you up inanition to our follow up.
  • 2 weeks prior to surgery Dietitian will start Optifast to reduce the liver size.
Doctor in the Operating Theatre

Hospital Stay


  • After completing the paperwork for the Dubbo Private Hospital you will need to drop it off at the hospital. Hospital will liaise with you for further information and you will be asked to get admitted to hospital on the day of the procedure.
  • After the procedure you will be in a high dependency environment and carefully looked after. The consultant anaesthetist and the surgeon will decide when you are suitable to be sent to the ward room. You are encouraged to sit up and dangle your legs over the edge of the bed four (4) hours after the operation. Your nurse will assist you but you will be required to move yourself. You can have ice to suck to keep your mouth moist.
Patient in bed

Caring for the Patient


  • DAY TWO: The Day after your operation you will be instructed how to use the "incentive spirometer‟. This device is very important. Using it helps your lungs open back up and prevent fluid accumulating. You will also have white stockings (TED) and heparin injections to prevent clots in the leg veins. Your will start a clear fluids diet today. Walk as much as possible today.
  • DAY FOUR: You may be ready to be discharged on this day or the following day. Your diet will progress to a puree diet. The dietitian will see you and discuss with you the meal plan. Getting ready for home: Your surgeon will correspond with the General practitioner about your clinical status and any other instructions related to your care. You can also contact the practice nurse if you need any advice or assistance who will contact the medical team as required.

Support, Education & Coaching

Fresh Start Support Plan

  • As part of your surgical program with Dr Liyanage, you will receive Fresh Start. This is a comprehensive 2-year support, education and coaching program delivered before and after your surgery / procedure to assist you to create your new healthy lifestyle.
  • For more information about the program, visit:
Patient shaking doctors hand

Patient Follow-Up

Long-term Follow-up

  • AT 3 weeks: The surgeon and the dietitian will review you.
  • At 3 months , 6 months and 9 months: The surgeon and the dietician will review you. At 6 months you will have a full set of blood tests.
  • Yearly: The surgeon and the dietician will review you. Remember it's a journey which involves many people. But the centre of the focus is you and after the surgery the success of sustainable loss depends on your dedication and discipline.