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Accessing Superannuation Early

Below is the information on early release of superannuation:

  1. Please read following information: More Info
  2. Check with your super fund if they will allow early release.
  3. Your Surgeon and GP have to fill two of the following forms: Download Form
  4. Submit an invoice with total cost with your paperwork. Dr Liyanage’s staff will help you to obtain this.

Please see the following information of Providers who do this process for a fee

Medical (treatment or transport)

You may be eligible for compassionate release of superannuation to pay for necessary medical treatment or medical transport expenses for you or your dependant.

To be eligible, the medical treatment can’t be readily available through the public health system and you or your dependant must have:

  • a life threatening illness or injury
  • acute or chronic pain, or
  • acute or chronic mental illness.

Applications for medical transport must be to access medical treatment for one of the above conditions.


How to apply

Our application process is a free and easy service. Staff are available to assist with any enquiries you may have with completing your application. You should be aware that some entities may charge a fee to assist with preparing an application on your behalf.

The application is a three-part process. Before you apply, check with your superannuation fund whether they allow the early release of super before you begin.

  1. Apply using our online form. We assess your eligibility for compassionate release of superannuation, which can take up to 14 days. We can’t provide you with a progress update during the assessment phase. Once we assess your application, a message will be sent to your myGov inbox with the outcome. If your application is successful, we will also notify your super fund.
  2. If your application is approved, you must contact your superfund to arrange release of your money. You will need to provide the superfund with a copy of the approval letter to process your payment.
  3. You must pay the expenses with the amount released from the fund and keep your receipts as evidence. If you have a self-managed super fund, you still need our approval to access your super early.


Required evidence

To submit your application online, you need digital copies of the required evidence. We accept photos of documents. Supported file formats are: gif, jpeg, png and pdf.

  • Quotes and invoices
    You must include relevant quotes or unpaid invoices

    • on the medical provider’s letterhead
    • dated
    • no more than six months old for quotes
    • no more than 30 days old for unpaid invoices.


Compassionate release of superannuation – Report by registered medical practitioner

When to use this report

This report supports your application for compassionate release of superannuation (super).

Section A must be completed by the applicant.

Sections B to F must be completed by the registered medical practitioner or specialist.

To be accepted, this document must be completed no more than six months before you submit your application. It must be signed, dated, and submitted with your application report.

If you are applying to pay for medical treatment or transport expenses you must provide two separate reports. One must be from a registered medical specialist and the other can be from either a registered medical practitioner or a registered medical specialist, advising that you or your dependant requires treatment for:

  • a life threatening illness or injury
  • acute or chronic pain
  • an acute or chronic mental illness.

The registered medical specialist must be specialised in the field of treatment for the patient.

Note: If you are applying for palliative care for a terminal illness or accommodating a severe disability, you will need to provide only one report from the treating registered medical practitioner or specialist.

We cannot accept reports completed by Allied Health Professionals.


Compassionate release of super for medical treatment

We can consider applications to meet costs of medical treatment not readily available through the public health system. The regulations require applicants to give us written statements from two registered medical practitioners (one must be a specialist) certifying the medical treatment is necessary to:

  • treat a life-threatening illness or injury
  • alleviate acute or chronic pain
  • alleviate an acute or chronic mental illness.

In addition there is a company which facilitates it for a fee. Their contacts are Supercare 1300 665 440